Achieving Progression and Competence Based on Concrete Research & Development

Ambica Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. has always considered research & development as an essential aspect to achieve success and to fuel evolution. We have well-aligned our Research & Development efforts with our prime and basic objectives of achieving technical excellence at the global level. For this, we take inspirations from the most popular hydraulic press manufacturing technologies around the world but don’t believe in reproducing them. Our experts have always endorsed innovation in terms of design, engineering, technology and functionality to lay foundation for the better future machinery. The clients from different industrial verticals testify our research efforts as they are able to meet their individual goals with increased efficiency and at decreased costs using our products.

In order to fortify our Research & Development department, we don’t hesitate to make huge investments in infrastructure and technology. It is a matter of proud that our experts utilize their knowledge and experience and are never shy to learn and employ their learning into practice. Manufacturing process redesign and experimentation with new components are among the few activities that are carried out at our premises almost every single day. It is worth mentioning that the valuable feedback and suggestions from our customers play a significant role in this direction. We always welcome their ideas and try to incorporate them in our designing and manufacturing processes.

Apart from delivering innovating products, our Research & Development has also helped us extend our capabilities. Our Plastic Waste Recycling Plant, for which the research began in 2000, is now a reality and we are proud to convert residual plastic waste into an eco-friendly product. We are committed to continue with such great innovations in the future as well as we see our success in the overall betterment of community and environment.

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