Paper Mills Waste Plastic Recycling
Paper Mills Waste Plastic Recycling
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Tetra-Pak Recycling Plant
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Bottle Caps Recycling Plant
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Pet - Bottle Films Waste

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Plastic Waste Recycling Plant

Our company had started research on the Project in the Year 2000. We have established several projects for the Companies who are realty interested in helping to maintain the Environment "Clean, Green & Healthy".

Today Plastic waste is a very big problem for us to dispose. Paper Mills also face a huge problem for the disposal of the Plastic waste (Residual Plastic) which is generated from their own Plant. Keeping in mind this problem we have come out with a Plastic Waste Recycling Plant which helps the Paper Mills to convert There Residual Plastic Waste into a very innovative and eco-friendly product.

How to recycle it

We supply a complete line for the recycling of Plastic Waste into ECO friendly re-usable product "Plain Sheets & Corrugated sheets"

Process of recycling:

Sorting of plastic waste

Sorting of Material is required to remove metallic and ceramic heavy impurities which can damage processing machinery.

Conveyor for feeding into shredding machine

After sorting of plastic Waste, it will be transferred to the Conveyor for feeding into the shredding Machine for fine cutting of Material.

Shredding of plastic waste

The Plastic Waste is Shredded into required particle size so that it can be spread evenly to form Mats for desired end products.

Washing of shredded plastic waste

The Shredded Plastic Waste is washed and cleaned so that the other waste particle gets separated and can be removed easily.

Removal waste from plastic during washing

The other waste such as dust, clothes, sand, Small lron Particles etc can be removed.


The wet plastic is now transferred to the Dewatering Machine to remove water.


The Plastic is now Pneumatically Conveyed and Dried together and send to the collection Bin.

Preparation on assembly table

The Pre-Weighed Material will now be transferred to the Assembly Table for further process. As you can see in the images.

Loading lifting table & pressing of mat

The Material assembled now will be transferred to the Loading Lifting Table for easy feeding into the HOT PRESS. The HOT PRESS is used for applying Heat and Pressure on the assembled material for compression and curing of material.

Unloading lifting table of mat from the pressing machine

After the Material gets properly cured, it is unloaded from the HOT PRESS with the help of the Unloading life Machine.

Formation of corrugation sheet

The Plain Sheet that comes out of the HOT PRESS can be given a form of Corrugated Roof Sheet. Corrugation of the sheet is done manually as shown in the image.

Size cutting and stacking

Once the Sheet gets normalized it is cut into desired finished sizes.

Advantages of the Recycled Sheets

  • The Sheets are more Durable than Cement Sheets.
  • The ambient Temperature under these roofing sheets is less by 5'c in comparison to Asbestos Roofing Sheets. The Flat Sheets can be used in making partitions also to enhance decorative effect.
  • Factory Shades, Small Huts or Site office can be made using the Sheets.
  • The Sheets are Anti-Fungal.
  • The Sheets are lightweight, easy to handle.
  • It is Cost Effective as tight Steel Structures can be used.
  • The Multi-color/Greenish Effect of the Sheet is soothing to the eyes and can be used without paint
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